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Roof restoration (or almost): assessment

we have a lot of professional work and therefore little time to devote to the barn. In addition, I damaged my back this summer, during the "slabs" phase. A dozen physiotherapy sessions followed, since the radios showed nothing alarming.

 The roofers returned after the holidays to install the remaining Velux windows and the roof outlets. Unfortunately, the stainless steel boiler outlet was damaged during unpacking. It will therefore be exchanged and installed later ... Nevertheless,Roof restoration no more bad weather in the barn, the risk of collapse and the appearance of ruin: place dry, solid, brand new! There you have it, a big big job done. The most important step (in terms of time and cost) of our renovation is (almost) completed.

'we have a lot of professional work and therefore little time to devote to the barn.  In addition, I damaged my back this summer, during the .

Renovator friends, let's get to the financial point. I summarize all the work carried out on this 260 m2 roof:

- cover

- removal of battens and rafters

- leveling of purlins and reinforcement of the frame

- installation of experienced Beopan Beobio boxes

- integration of 9 Velux M08 (78 x 140)

- installation of a stainless steel roof outlet for the future boiler and septic tank ventilation

- Franche Comté roofing

- installation of zinc gutters

- leveling of walls for exterior finishing

For all of this work, which took more than 2 months of work with 2-3 men, it takes between 50,000 and 55,000 euros. I prefer to give a range than an exact sum, which would not make much sense because specific to our site. This may seem exorbitant, but incorporates the wood wool insulation (nothing to do with glass wool), and the plasterboard finish, which remains to be coated and painted.We can therefore estimate at around 200 euros per m2 of refurbished, insulated and clad Roof restorationOur quotes for traditional roofing, interior wood insulation and plasterboard on rails exceeded this amount.

'we have a lot of professional work and therefore little time to devote to the barn.  In addition, I damaged my back this summer, during the .


Regarding the Beopan panels, here is our opinion: negotiated at 75 euros including tax per m2 delivered, we were initially very disappointed. The finish is far from perfect for a high price (screws missing, battens not of the same thickness on all panels ...). In addition, the transport being delicate, the packaging had to be perfect, which was not the case. Result: of the 70 panels ordered, 3 were unusable (and have been replaced), and at least 40 showed knocks on the edges of the plasterboard.What we would do again after this experience (and subject to availability): make the boxes ourselves in the barn,Roof restoration having all the necessary materials delivered to us. We would be more rigorous, and there would be no problem with transport.

The finish once installed is however quite acceptable: subject to having a very well leveled frame (ideally new), the panels offer an impeccable rendering and continuous insulation. Even during the hot weather this summer, it was cool in the barn. Long live wood wool! In this regard, for having opened Beopan panels, we noted that the insulation was very well done: in 2 layers 80 mm thick with staggered joints.Currently we are cleaning the interior of the barn to remove the majority of the remaining hay dust. Compressor blow gun and brushes Roof restoration are our main tools. The joinery is normally produced and should be installed very soon.

 Because organized work means saving time, we are going to make a huge shelving unit for the garage. Enough to store all of our tools .


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