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What is Smart Home automation system

Today's house price depends not only on the area or interior decoration, but on the level of comfort. After all, you can feel comfortable in a huge castle equipped with the Smart Home automation system and get lost in a small apartment, but not endowed with artificial intelligence. It is important that this house is always warm, light and that your favorite music plays. There was hot water at any time and there was no headache that the light was not turned off in the back room. The fewer disturbing irritants occur in the house, the more comfortable the owner feels. Previously, all the components of everyday comfort were monitored by a hired servant, today they are successfully replaced by modern technology. Hardware that works seamlessly never fails and does not require constant investment in the form of a salary. Equipment that does not have a headache, does not have problems and which will fulfill all the wishes of the residents - turning on the air conditioner and filling the b

Motorbike Spares, Tuning Your Motorcycle

If we   motorbike spares   previously talked to you about the importance of carburetor maintenance for setting up your motorcycle, today we are going to talk about something no less important. Something that surely more than once you have had the need to do: adjust the idle. Although it is a simple process, not everyone knows the steps to follow. From Racing we want to explain it in detail so that everyone can tune up the minibike. Motorbike spares Set Point for motorcycle First of all, it is necessary motorbike spares to clarify what we are talking about when we refer to “adjusting the idle of the minibike” . Idle is the lowest rpm at which an engine can run. In the carburetors it is regulated by means of a spring screw (screw of the richness of mixture), whose function is to keep the hood slightly raised when the mini motorcycle is not accelerated so that it does not stall. In addition, there is usually another screw near idle, the so-called air screw (throttle screw). This screw is

Charging and Discharging Li-ion Cells / Batteries Systems

Find out how to extend your Battery Systems  using the best charging methods When charging and discharging batteries a chemical reaction occurs, but with lithium ions there is an exception. Scientists speak of the energies flowing into and out of the battery as part of the movement of ions between the anode and the cathode. If scientists were right, according to this statement the battery would live forever but it is not. They blame the fading of the trapped ions, but as with all battery systems, internal corrosion and other degenerative effects also known as parasitic reactions on the electrolyte and electrodes play a role. The lithium ion charger is a voltage limiting device that has similarities to the lead-acid battery system. Differences from Li-ion are found in higher voltage per cell, tighter voltage tolerances, and the absence of drip or float charge at full charge. While lead acid offers some flexibility in terms of cut-off voltage, Li-ion manufacturers are very decisive in th

Accommodation: what is the best option when taking a trip?

The purchased ticket is already in hand - or, who knows, the car's tank is already full - and the bags are ready to be loaded. But, before leaving home, that old question: staying in a Accommodation ? This question plagues many tourists out there, and remains without a definitive answer. After all, there are several aspects that need to be considered before deciding. In addition, much of this choice goes through the profile of each traveler. The hotel or inn is synonymous with comfort or safety, as apartments or houses are associated with the possibility of a more personal control of the tour. If, like many, you also don't know how to choose a hotel or apartment for your trip, be sure to check out this post! In the next few paragraphs, we'll look at what you can't help but consider to make that decision right. Keep reading and check it out! Renting an apartment or house As we said, this choice of  Accommodation  type depends a lot on the tourist profile, as well as the


House lighting is a very important issue when building or decorating. After all, a well-lit environment, with correct points of light, becomes more spacious, modern and cozy. But did you know that ceiling lighting and plaster molding is an alternative increasingly used in Electrical Solution , due to its practicality and sophistication? To avoid any doubts when lighting the residence, we have prepared a definitive guide on this subject. Follow! TYPES AND EFFECTS OF PLASTER LIGHTING The plaster molding is like a frame and is in the part where the lining and the wall meet. It can have several models, which generate different lighting effects. Check out some open molding: the lamps are embedded inside the molding. The light reflects on the ceiling, forming indirect and scattered lighting closed molding: it is completely closed in plaster and the lighting is done by means of small lights, called spots; inverted molding: the inverted molding has the middle closed and the corners between th


Ensuring an optimal microclimate in banking institutions is not a trivial task, since each such facility contains premises of completely different types, each of which has its own requirements and standards. back office staff workrooms. The ventilation requirements here are standard for office buildings operating rooms. It is assumed that a large number of people will be located here, therefore, ventilation is usually designed by analogy with trading floors. special premises - cash desks, storages, depositories. These are premises with an increased level of protection and are often practically airtight, therefore, they require increased attention in terms of maintaining air exchange and ensuring fire safety. server rooms. Banks have a developed computer infrastructure that requires powerful servers, which, in turn, need a special microclimate for efficient and smooth operation. customer, must take into account the requirements of the relevant SNiP 2.04591 of 2003, as well as department

Bathroom renovation principles

Professional builders and designers classify bathrooms as "complex" spaces, the design of which has many nuances. Bathroom renovation design should combine aesthetics and functionality.  In the morning they take an invigorating shower, in the evening - a relaxing bath.  The finished bathroom design project should take into account convenience and beauty. The basic idea of ​​the new arrangement and design should be developed before renovation.  Of course, repairing a spacious room is easier.  You do not need to think long about the placement of plumbing, furniture and household items.  It's more difficult with a small bathroom. When creating a  Bathroom renovation  design project, do not limit yourself to choosing a style.  The bathroom can be in harmony with other rooms or be separate.  The optimal design will help hide all the flaws.  When developing a concept, it is important to take into account all the details: from lighting the ceiling to decorative elements. The fi