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Bathroom renovation principles

Professional builders and designers classify bathrooms as "complex" spaces, the design of which has many nuances.Bathroom renovation design should combine aesthetics and functionality. In the morning they take an invigorating shower, in the evening - a relaxing bath. The finished bathroom design project should take into account convenience and beauty.

The basic idea of ​​the new arrangement and design should be developed before renovation. Of course, repairing a spacious room is easier. You do not need to think long about the placement of plumbing, furniture and household items. It's more difficult with a small bathroom.When creating a Bathroom renovation design project, do not limit yourself to choosing a style. The bathroom can be in harmony with other rooms or be separate. The optimal design will help hide all the flaws. When developing a concept, it is important to take into account all the details: from lighting the ceiling to decorative elements.

Professional builders and designers classify bathrooms as "complex" spaces, the design of which has many nuances. Bathroom renovation

The first questions "at the start" of repairs concern the choice of materials, plumbing and furniture. No matter how many interesting ideas arise, you will have to choose only one.Any creativity has a monetary component. The budget for a small, sophisticated bathroom may well exceed the budget for a large, modestly designed space.In order not to get confused in the variety of design projects, you should rely on your own taste. Each style has its own rules.

The decoration is distinguished by an abundance of gilded elements, mirrors in massive carved frames and weightless crystal lamps. Old-fashioned furnishings take up a lot of space.Large tiles imitating marble are usually chosen as finishing. To create a contrast, tiles with floral patterns and intricate ornaments are suitable.The color scheme is based on the contrast of different tones with gilding and silver patina. The classic is more suitable for spacious rooms. Massive furnishings and gilding are out of place in a small apartment.

The rustic setting calms down with external negligence. Furniture with a rough wood finish will be just right. It is allowed to use lockers, pedestals and pencil cases made of solid wood, treated with special compounds. The bathtub can be classic - on graceful legs. Installation of glass shower cabins is allowed.Decorating with stone or wood-effect tiles will suit a country Bathroom renovation in the best way.The basis of the color composition is made up of natural natural tones - woody, terracotta, green and others. Curtains of variegated colors will be an excellent addition to the decor.

Professional builders and designers classify bathrooms as "complex" spaces, the design of which has many nuances. Bathroom renovation

The style is created to convey the flavor of a particular area. Someone likes the exoticism of distant countries, while others yearn for their small homeland in the village. For example, Russian ethnicity is a roughly processed wood or imitation of a bar.Wooden furniture in folk style, on the other hand, is elegant and beautifully decorated with tiles. However, a simple design of cabinets, pencil cases and pedestals is also appropriate.The design will be complemented by ceramic tiles with characteristic painted patterns and a light floor. Modeling and clay decorative elements are appropriate. Ethnicity can be authentic, mixed, accent. The choice is up to the owners.

The rectangular geometry of cabinets, vanities with sinks and pencil cases is as practical as possible.Decorating the floor and walls with tiles of modern design will do just fine. The color scheme is based on white. For combination, you can use neutral light tones, as well as various options for gray and brown The style is in many ways similar to modern, but it has a number of exceptional features. Rectangular cabinets Bathroom renovation and cabinets fit into the design as economically as possible.Finishing with plaster and tiles of a laconic design adds rigor. Often, an accent wall with a sink and a mirror is designed to look like brickwork.

The color scheme is dominated by white, but the finish is complemented by dark (lilac, blue, red and black) shades.The project is concise and focused on functionality. The interior uses closed storage systems. Often, these options replace the usual lockers. From furniture you can leave a cabinet with a sink and a mirror.Large ceramic tiles can contrast in the finish with light tiles under polished stone. The decor made of metal and tempered glass visually enlarges the space.Sanitary ceramics of different shades are used - white, black, metallic and others.


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