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House lighting is a very important issue when building or decorating. After all, a well-lit environment, with correct points of light, becomes more spacious, modern and cozy. But did you know that ceiling lighting and plaster molding is an alternative increasingly used in Electrical Solution , due to its practicality and sophistication? To avoid any doubts when lighting the residence, we have prepared a definitive guide on this subject. Follow!


The plaster molding is like a frame and is in the part where the lining and the wall meet. It can have several models, which generate different lighting effects. Check out some open molding: the lamps are embedded inside the molding. The light reflects on the ceiling, forming indirect and scattered lighting closed molding: it is completely closed in plaster and the lighting is done by means of small lights, called spots;

inverted molding: the inverted molding has the middle closed and the corners between the molding and the wall open. The internal lighting is invisible and reflects on the walls and ceiling plaster ceiling: the plaster ceiling is a space that is a few centimeters away from the wall, creating a small gap and the impression that the ceiling is floating. Electrical Solution It differs from the inverted molding because, in this case, the points of light are not embedded and reflecting on the wall or ceiling. The lighting is done directly, through spots.


To make the lighting in ceiling and plaster molding it is necessary that the right foot of the room loses at least 12 cm. Thus, the light can be directed to a certain space in the environment. The most used models of luminaires are the spots, because of their small size and, above all, for the ease with which they can be directed.


In addition to the versatility that plaster ceilings and moldings offer to lighting, they are also advantageous in structural matters . The plaster allows the creation of several precast shapes, with impeccable finish. It is a thermal and acoustic insulator, protecting the house from external noise and maintaining a pleasant ambient temperature. In addition, ease of maintenance allows problems such as leaks to be resolved easily, however, without the need for major renovations.

Despite all the advantages, you need to be aware of some things when adopting plaster ceilings or moldings. That is, this material absorbs moisture, so some care is needed. Avoid using plaster ceilings and moldings in damp places, such as bathrooms and outdoor areas.Electrical Solution Another point that requires attention is that, over time, it is possible that some cracks and cracks will appear. That is why a company that is reliable and offers quality material is needed.

The lighting in lining and plaster molding is great to personalize the environments and make them much more full of charm and cozy. After knowing the types and effects that each provides, it remains to choose the most appropriate for the construction profile. That is, it is important not to forget the care to be taken and to prefer quality material!Did you like the tips? So be sure to share this post on your social networks to let more people know about ceiling lighting and plaster molding!


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