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What is Smart Home automation system

Today's house price depends not only on the area or interior decoration, but on the level of comfort. After all, you can feel comfortable in a huge castle equipped with the Smart Home automation system and get lost in a small apartment, but not endowed with artificial intelligence. It is important that this house is always warm, light and that your favorite music plays. There was hot water at any time and there was no headache that the light was not turned off in the back room.

The fewer disturbing irritants occur in the house, the more comfortable the owner feels. Previously, all the components of everyday comfort were monitored by a hired servant, today they are successfully replaced by modern technology. Hardware that works seamlessly never fails and does not require constant investment in the form of a salary. Equipment that does not have a headache, does not have problems and which will fulfill all the wishes of the residents - turning on the air conditioner and filling the bath before the owners arrive. For all this, there is a system called "Artificial Intelligence at Home" or the Smart Home system.

A smart home or Home automation is, first of all, a system that controls the operation of all components of the life of the house (engineering systems). A system that, working according to an individual program for each owner, creates the maximum level of comfort for a given house. Without exception, all home services: air conditioning, ventilation, heating, water supply, power supply, audio and video systems, security systems are connected to a single processor using special controllers.

More information about a serious automation system can be found on the You can connect whatever the owner wants to the “mind” of the house - sound in the nursery or the lighting system on the street, jacuzzi, all kinds of sensors and detectors. The general situation at home is displayed on convenient control panels - leading manufacturers have developed an easy and intuitive interface for the domestic market in Russian, Ukrainian or English. After all, control accessibility is one of the facets of comfort.

If desired, the owner can get the situation on the state in the house via the Internet or mobile communication, receiving a full report on each subsystem. However, I would like to add what kind of engineering systems the Smart Home technology can manage, forming an integrated, intelligent infrastructure. Most often, Home automation can include:

- Power supply.

- Lighting.

- Climate.

- Telecommunications.

- Multimedia.

- Safety.


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