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Solar power has overtaken gas and wind power as the largest source

Since 2013, Facebook has signed contracts for a total of more than 3 gigawatts of solar power from wind farms and solar panels.  Moreover, more than 2.5 gigawatts of this volume fell on the last calendar year. In 2015, the company announced its intention to switch 50% of its work processes to renewable solar power.  The goal was achieved in 2017. The company issued a message that outlined a new goal: "Today we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 75% and ensuring that our global operations are 100% renewable by the end of 2020."  At the same time, Facebook stressed that the tech giant remains a supporter of the Paris climate agreement. “If we want to stay within the 1.5-degree threshold, which scientists say is critical to preventing catastrophic climate change, we need many more companies to step up to adopt aggressive renewable Solar power targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. gases, "Greenpeace senior IT analyst Gary Cook commented on the state

Types of chain fences and options for their fastening

  Chain fences have the following functions: Aesthetic.  With the help of such peculiar fences, flower beds, architectural monuments, pedestrian paths (in parks, squares, in suburban areas), etc. are separated.  At the same time, fences are not only an obstacle, but also a decorative element; Warning.  Of course, such fences are unable to physically stop a person, but they can warn him of possible danger (for example, on the side of a busy road or in front of cages with wild animals in a zoo); Prohibiting.  Such a fence will not be able to serve as an obstacle for a person, but completely for vehicles.  Chain fences are often used in parking lots in front of supermarkets (for example, to prevent car owners from leaving their car at night in front of a store), office parking lots, etc. Types of chains For fencing, 2 types of chains are usually used: plastic and metal.  In the photo below you can see and compare both types: Plastic.  Like any plastic products, they are cheaper than their

With solar energy to greater savings

In an age of advanced technology, people are looking for ways to make greater savings of solar energy while protecting the environment as well as the planet Earth itself.  Increasing efforts are being made to use inexhaustible sources of energy.  The sun, as one of those sources, has enough energy to meet the needs of all of us.  With so many sunny days all year round it is simply impossible not to think how much easier our lives would be with the use of solar energy . It is true that solar systems require a large investment, but on the other hand you can see how much savings families have.  That is why the demand for solar panels is increasing every year. The benefits from the use of them are great, and for the way of their sale, for the interest of the buyers we received information from an employee in "MEGA", Kumanovo - a company that sells solar energy  thermal collector systems: You meet customers every day to whom you offer your products, so how much are people really i

How To Choose And Buy Wine Labels

Wine  is a vast subject, which makes it even more appetizing. Each wine-growing area has its own personality, each of the more than 1,400 varieties of wine grapes have different characteristics, and winemakers and put their own imprint on the bottles they produce. wine labels is science, wine is art, wine is food and soul relief, wine is a hobby and last but not least, wine is a continuous journey, an odyssey. Travel with us reader and we assure you that you will not get bored. The wine may seem incredibly complex, sometimes overwhelming and inaccessible, especially for beginners, but everything becomes clear if we approach the subject relaxed and look at the big picture. Let's start with some good practices for choosing and buying wine, whether it's from a hypermarket, specialty store or restaurant.  Wine is perhaps one of the most difficult to buy products, due to the extremely rich offer, both in stores and restaurants. But taking into account a few simple rules, you can re