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Types of chain fences and options for their fastening

 Chain fences have the following functions:

  • Aesthetic. With the help of such peculiar fences, flower beds, architectural monuments, pedestrian paths (in parks, squares, in suburban areas), etc. are separated. At the same time, fences are not only an obstacle, but also a decorative element;
  • Warning. Of course, such fences are unable to physically stop a person, but they can warn him of possible danger (for example, on the side of a busy road or in front of cages with wild animals in a zoo);
  • Prohibiting. Such a fence will not be able to serve as an obstacle for a person, but completely for vehicles. Chain fences are often used in parking lots in front of supermarkets (for example, to prevent car owners from leaving their car at night in front of a store), office parking lots, etc.

Types of chains

For fencing, 2 types of chains are usually used: plastic and metal. In the photo below you can see and compare both types:

  1. Plastic. Like any plastic products, they are cheaper than their metal counterparts. They have a long service life, are not afraid of moisture, low and high temperatures (from -25 to +40), ultraviolet rays, do not require complex maintenance and are extremely easy to clean.
  • Metal Chains made of metal are more expensive than plastic chains , but in some cases this is a justified cost:
    • Firstly , metal is a more durable material, and, accordingly, products made from it can last much longer;
    • Secondly , metal chains and posts are more resistant to extreme low or high temperatures (from -50 to +50) than plastic ones. This is relevant for many regions of our country;
    • Thirdly , metal fences have no installation restrictions, while plastic chains and posts are prohibited to be installed in places of increased fire hazard.
    Depending on the combination of materials of posts and chains, fencing can be:
    • Plastic. All elements are respectively made of polymer material. A very convenient option for temporary fencing, since the structure is easily dismantled and can be moved to another place;
    • Metallic. The structure is entirely made of metal treated with a special anti-corrosion coating. Metal fences can be coated with paint of any color, up to imitation of bronze, gold and silver;
    • Combined. The posts and chains are made from different materials.

    Despite the large selection of materials and their combinations, the most common options are metal enclosing structures.

    Mounting options

    Depending on the purpose of the fence, use:

    • Chains are permanently embedded in the pole. Such anchoring is usually used for fencing flower beds, monuments, paths, i.e. in those places where disconnection of the circuit is definitely not required;
    • Detachable chains that are attached with carabiners. These types of structures are usually used in parking lots;
    • Automatic chains. The most convenient option (an alternative to a barrier) for fencing adjacent areas of high-rise buildings or office parking lots, where there is a need to restrict access for "foreign" cars. Such fences consist of a metal chain, two pedestals and an electric motor built into one of them. Also, a special chute is included in their design, which prevents the destruction of the road surface .. When a signal is received from the remote control, the electric motor relaxes the tension and the chain is lowered into the chute, thus opening the passage. With this design, you can fence an opening up to 15 m.


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