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How to choose wedding bands?

Experts say that, on average, a woman looks at her engagement ring about a million times throughout her life. It is one of the most important jewels in your collection, and not only because it has a special design, but because of what it symbolizes: it is the first step towards a new life. But if there is one piece that is seen even more, at least in recent decades, that is the wedding band. Although there is data that confirms that women already used them in ancient Egypt, men did not begin to do so in a generalized way until World War II, when many of those who went to the battlefield wore this ring as a souvenir of their wife. love which became a custom and a symbol that, for years, both members of the couple wear throughout their marriage. That is why it is not surprising that the choice of the wedding band worries some grooms who do not know very well what type of designs to bet on, if both should be the same or what exactly to engrave inside. Doubts that the experts of Leonards Jewellers, one of the most prestigious jewelry firms, help us to resolve.

wedding bands

We always say that the choice of the engagement ring is important, but could we conclude if more or less than that of the alliances?

Both have infinite importance, the engagement ring symbolizes the promise of eternal love, trust and dedication to each other, the wedding bands reflect the magical union of the bride and groom and represent the materialization of the promise between the couple.

What type of alliances are usually the most requested and recommended by experts?

The Always U and Eternity models from Leonards Jewellers are very successful for their design and comfort, they are alliances with designs finished in a circular or almond shape, they are timeless models, whether in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

What should be the first step when choosing alliances?

The most important thing is that they reflect the style and personality of the couple, alliances represent an eternal promise, they have to be identified in them since they are for life. In our case, each wedding ring is made by hand, one by one by hand.

Although depending on the design its final price can be very different, between what ranges can we move?

Alliances are very easily eligible also in terms of price clarity. To avoid surprises, the price is already planned for the different options and measures. All our alliances incorporate an inner diamond in both alliances, the signature stamp, witness of eternal love and for hers, we offer the possibility of incorporating a blue sapphire, to follow the good luck tradition of wearing "something new, something old man, something borrowed and something blue. "

If the couple are hesitating between a classic design or one with some trendy details, what advice would you give them?

Being a piece for life, a classic and timeless wedding ring is going to be a 100% wise choice. Anyway, trends evolve and there are wedding couples who opt for more original alliances. The most important thing is that the choice is consistent with your personality and tastes.

Are both the same or better with small differences?

This will depend on the taste of each of the couple. Traditionally alliances are usually twins, there is no established rule. On many occasions the bride opts for a somewhat more special alliance, with exterior diamonds, for example, and the groom opts for a classic alliance.

What trends do we see in the alliance industry this year?

We have different models of alliances that adapt to the different tastes of a couple and satisfy their wishes. The Always U or Eternity models, in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, are classic models with an eternal trend; Rose or True Love with wavy or square finishes respectively; or the You & M models, which are two alliances united in one and represents the union between the two people that form the couple. All these alliances are made by hand for each of the bride and groom, creating unique pieces according to their preferences, type of metal, number of embedded diamonds, engravings they wish to make ... As for novelties, we offer the possibility of incorporating a blue sapphire interior in our alliances so that on the wedding day, the tradition "something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue " is fulfilled. This tradition tells that by wearing something blue the bride will be lucky in the marriage since the blue color of the sapphire symbolizes fidelity and eternal love.

Although yellow gold has always been the preferred material for couples for their wedding rings, do you think there has been a change in taste in this regard?

Yes, the bride and groom also opt for options in rose gold or white gold. We even find double alliances, which combine two types of gold, for those couples who prefer a more unique design.

Alliances are usually engraved on the inside with the date or the names of the couple, but are there also changes in this regard or do couples usually resort to the classic option?

The bride and groom tend to prefer the engraving of names or dates on the inside of the wedding ring. On many occasions, we receive less classical requests such as the engraving of a phrase or special message. Each wedding ring is meticulously handcrafted by our jewelers for each wedding couple. Whatever the engraving, the most important thing is what it means for the couple, what it represents for them, is its message of love.

It is a piece for life, do you have to follow any advice to always keep them in perfect condition?

The beauty of an alliance is being able to wear it daily. To clean them, you just have to follow the simple trick of keeping them clean with water and neutral soap. We offer the polishing service to our clients so that their wedding rings shine as the first day, as well as their love.


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