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Importance of having good roofs in our houses

One of the most important parts of any house in the world is the roof. Roofs are what really protect us from external factors, such as rain, heat, snow, etc., even many aboriginal tribes living in communes do not have walls but they do have roofs, because they know that under a roof they really feel protected.


Roofs have evolved throughout history, starting with materials provided by nature, such as straw and wood, to modern sheet metal roofs, roofs and cement.

roofing materials

Each roofing materials has specific function and a long list of advantages. Although unfortunately there was a time when asbestos or asbestos roofs became popular, a material that represents serious risks to the health of those who inhabit the house.

What is asbestos? Why was it used? What are the dangers to health? What alternatives are there?


Asbestos or asbestos is a very malleable mineral, which can be transformed into small fibers and then molded with the help of chemical and physical processes to give them the shape of sheets.

For many years, asbestos was the preferred material for the roofs of many houses, schools and other buildings in Australia due to its low cost, hardness, resistance and low weight. Also for being highly resistant to fire and heat.

However, subsequent research determined that asbestos fibers are highly carcinogenic, which is why it was urged to be replaced by other materials. In Australia, asbestos or asbestos was permanently banned in 2002 and estimates that it will have removed all the asbestos sheets in buildings by 2028.

However, in our country there are no records of how many or which buildings still have asbestos roofs. So this article is extremely useful for all those who still have asbestos roofs in their houses, since you will have to hire an expert company in installation and maintenance of roofs and facades.


It is really very difficult to replace complete asbestos or asbestos roofs in a house.

Before starting this work, you must hire a company with a lot of experience in installation and maintenance of roofs and facades. You will need to evaluate the home and determine the best way to replace asbestos roofs with designer roofs, with the least impact on the inhabitants of the home. That is, without them being exposed to the elements for a long time.

This company must offer affordable prices and be very close to the customer. What does this mean? That the company knows very well the needs and aspirations of the family nucleus, meets with its members and creates close ties to be able to carry out the replacement of roofs in the best way.

After knowing the family budget, this company proposes a series of alternatives for cheap roofs, of excellent quality and that protect the family from excessive heat in summer and harsh cold in winter.

In addition, this company is not satisfied only with installing roofs and facades, but also offers maintenance and repair services.

All these qualities offer security to the family and they will go to work to replace the old and dangerous asbestos roofs with a modern, inexpensive and durable roof.

building supplies


One of the most beautiful, durable and inexpensive alternatives is the ceramic roof, also known as tile.

They are pieces made of different materials, such as fired pottery or cement. There are even modern plastic roof tiles that look a lot like traditional potter's tiles. These pieces are designed in different ways, mainly curves, and fit one next to the other, forming rows and columns to assemble the ceiling.

This type of roof gives a rustic touch to the houses, especially if they are surrounded by a beautiful garden or if they are in a rural area. However, a house with tile roofs during a city looks amazing.


  • It is very durable. In fact, just look at the houses from the late 19th century, whose roofs are still intact.
  • They are excellent insulators from heat and cold, so they guarantee a pleasantly heated home both in summer and winter.
  • The roofs provide acoustic protection and very well insulate the houses from external noise.
  • In addition, the ceramic or cement tiles are fire retardant, so they resist any fire.
  • Design roofs are naturally resistant to rain, hail and waterproof.
  • They allow additional doses of insulating material, such as cellulose or wood fibers, to be received on the inside of the ceiling.
  • The tiles give indescribable beauty to the house.

         If, despite all these advantages, you consider that this type of roof is not an option for your home, in the same way there are other cheap, resistant and safe materials in contrast to the carcinogenic asbestos.

These materials are:


The wooden ceilings are very beautiful, insulating from cold and heat, as well as being resistant.


On the market there are endless metal, plastic and other laminates that perform excellent insulating functions, and are also durable and cheap.

For any option, it is best to hire an expert company in installation, repairs and maintenance of roofs and facades, which makes a preliminary evaluation of the house to propose the best materials and installation time.

You can be sure to leave the safety of your home and the integrity of your family in very good hands, as this company has experts with many years of experience in the installation, repair and maintenance of roofs of all kinds. For building supplies, contact Sydney roof and building supplies today!


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