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The gas heater does not heat enough water; why does this happen?

It is possible that with the arrival of the cold you feel that your gas heater does not heat the water enough. Before reaching the conclusion that it has been damaged and must be replaced with a new one, it is advisable to look for the cause of the problem, perhaps it is not a serious problem. We will show you some of the most common failures.

Why doesn't the gas heater heat the water enough?

All gas appliances must be checked by a professional in the sector and within the times set by the country's regulations. The installation of a heater must always be duly registered and supervised by the supplier. She will contact you every five years to review it. If you have contracted insurance, in addition to an annual review and a discount on labor, you will suffer fewer breakdowns.

gas heater repair

Before calling for gas heater service, try raising the temperature on the wheel-shaped regulator or with the buttons on the digital display, depending on the model. You have to bear in mind that the water arrives much colder in winter and more power is needed to heat it.

Another thing that can happen is that the thermostatic tap does not work. If you have a tap of this type, check the temperature at which the water comes out in the bathroom or kitchen. If it does come out hot in these, the problem is most likely with the tap.

I've done all the tests, but the heater still doesn't work properly; what I do?

If after performing the tests that we have indicated the problem persists, it is best to call a technician. He will assess whether the gas heater is not heating the water enough because of a fault or an external problem. These are the most common causes:

  • Defective external regulating valve. The conduit that carries the gas from the meter to the heater has a regulator that limits the flow of gas to the appliance. The inner membrane of this valve can be blocked and prevent sufficient flow from reaching it.
  • Defective internal regulating valve. The heater also has its own regulating valve. If it is damaged, it does not regulate the gas inlet well, the burners will not provide enough heat.
  • Obstruction. It is difficult for particles to get into the gas, but it can happen. If this happens, they will be retained in a filter at the inlet of the regulating valve, blocking the passage of gas.
  • Dirty burners. Burners generate soot over time and heavy use. This creates a crust that alters the quality of the flame so that it generates less heat.
  • Exchanger. Over the years, lime and other residues from the water can accumulate in the copper pipes of the heat exchanger. This layer, in addition to reducing the water flow, prevents it from getting hot enough.
  • Thermocouple and magnetic valve. This set is a safety element that ensures that the gas does not come out when the tap is opened when there is no flame. This prevents the accumulation of gas and the risk of explosion. When this part is damaged, combustion stops completely.

Is it time to change the water heater?

When your gas heater doesn't heat your water enough because it has an expensive breakdown, it's time to invest in a new one. Current models are safer and more efficient.

gas heater service

Ideally, install a watertight heater. This system does not require the combustion of the air inside the home. It is the safest and most comfortable, since it does not require constant re-circulation of air inside the house. During cold winter days, it is appreciated to have an appliance with these characteristics.

If it is not possible to install a watertight heater, due to the characteristics of the home or premises, it is very important to purchase a model that has an anti-flash temperature sensor. This detects if the air flow in the smoke extraction duct has been reversed due to some type of obstruction or improper installation.

The plaster detector may activate occasionally, on windy days for example. When this happens you have to immediately turn off the heater and wait a few minutes until it reactivates again. Still, if there is a good installation, this device would not have to act, so it is advisable to request a review of the installation to a technician, just in case.

At Hogan Hot Water and Air, we have some modern and safe heater models. You can see them within the "Water heaters" section. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


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