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How can you improve your sexual life with your partner?

Staying home is the best excuse to have fun with your partner and increase your sexual pleasure. Whether you are still in the process of getting to know each other, as if you are already experts in bed or are in search of a new passion, here we give you all the advice you need to improve your sexual life.

If you are interested in knowing how to improve your sexual life as a couple, keep reading Psychology-Online and learn about our advice on communication, contact and some effective ideas to make your relationship more interesting in bed.

sexual life advice

Communication is an important ally to improve your sex life

Communication is the basis of any relationship. In sexual life, communication is even more important if possible, since it is the most intimate way to get to know your partner, and to know yourself as well.

You can talk with your partner before having a sexual relationship, about what you like and what you don't want to do. That allows you to define your limits and make sex good and enjoyable for both of you.

Some don't like them, but if you feel comfortable, you can talk to your partner during sex, to tell them what you like and what you don't like, what turns you on the most, while it is happening. This will allow your partner to know if what he is doing is right for you, and to adjust to your feedback, so that sex is as pleasant as possible for both of you. Get in touch with The Ohture today!

Improve your sex life with sexual enhancers

You are probably already familiar with lubricants, which help the mucous membranes to be moister during intercourse and make penetration much easier and more pleasant, but there are also other products called sexual enhancers. The sexual enhancers are aphrodisiacs which also act as sexual stimulants also cause increased sexual desire and pleasure when you're in the act, and this means that your relationships are much more pleasant and have a more intense orgasm. The best enhancers are those natural, in capsule or gel / cream form that are applied or taken 15-30 minutes before of your sexual activity. They don't cost a lot of money, and they can change your life as a couple in bed, intensifying and prolonging the pleasure for both of you.

sexual life tips

Practice physical contact more often

It is a scientific fact, hugging someone releases dopamine in the brain, which is known as the pleasure hormone. Many therapists advise it, the contact with your partner (be it a hug, a kiss, a massage, or more) also called the sensory approach, helps to regain physical intimacy with gentleness.

You can consider doing a special sensory approach "workshop" with your partner, to touch each other and rediscover yourselves. You can also do sensual massage sessions, to relax and give each other pleasure before an intimate relationship.

Try new things

Sex life in a couple can sometimes be affected by routine, leading to a loss of libido. Venturing to try new positions, games or buy sex toys to stimulate sexuality, can be some of the things that help to combat the routine and introduce a new element, helping to improve the sexual life with your partner. Here are some ideas to make your meetings more innovative:

  • Watching a bawdy movie as a couple: erotic movies are very exciting for everyone, you have to choose one that you both like and enjoy watching and imitating the actors.
  • Try in new places: many couples tend to have sex always in the same place at home, it is normal to get used to comfortable places but in moments of boredom or lack of sexual appetite, the ideal is to try other places that you have never experienced before and that may be very exciting like other places inside the house, public places, the car, etc.
  • Playing the game of seduction: this may seem a bit difficult since everyone may not feel comfortable but it is easier than it seems, it simply consists of one of the two taking the reins of the game and the other let go, you have to use your imagination.
  • Playing with sex toys: using vibrators, suckers, rings or other sex toys for her / him or for couples can be a good way to introduce a spicy note to your encounters, it is best to go to an erotic shop and seek advice.


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