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Why choose a home inspector with Vital building inspection?

Vital building inspection Services Inc. provide you with courteous, fast and professional service, from one corner of Newcastle to another, as well as in Australia.

Vital building inspection Services Inc. perform not only the inspection of new and existing residential buildings, but also the supervision of construction and renovation work. Our home inspectors are trained, certified and all have errors and omissions insurance; a necessity in the field.

Our building inspections were carefully selected based on their personal expertise, as well as taking a building inspection course at  Australia. Our large family of home inspectors includes plumbers, roofers, electricians, draughtsmen, superintendents, etc.

All our building inspectors are members of a recognized association, including: Inter Newcastle or other ….

Do business with a certified and qualified building inspector and see the difference!

The inspectors at Vital building inspection offer you a building inspection service of a higher quality than anything on the market. Surpassing the standard of practice of Inspection, the largest association of home inspectors in the world, our home inspection service gives you the peace of mind you are looking for when purchasing your next home. Whether you are looking to sell your current home, whether you are looking to acquire the next one or simply to have the correct information on the condition of your commercial building, your house or condominium, opt for the quality you deserve: opt for Legault -Dubois. 

Our building inspectors newcastle are there to support you during the purchase of your future condo or house. Having no other service or product to sell you, you can be assured that our home inspectors will provide you with complete and impartial service. The home inspector is there to give you a fair and realistic idea of ​​your next home. 

They use many technological instruments to carry out the inspection of your future home. Among other things, they use two types of hygrometers for the detection of humidity in the walls in order to obtain the most complete possible portrait of the building through a complete and personalized home inspection report unique in Newcastle. See our grid of selection criteria to make the right choice when it comes time to choose the home inspector for the pre-purchase inspection of your next home. Choose the best home inspector in Newcastle: choose a Legault-Dubois pre-purchase inspection!

Whether you are looking for your very first home or your next home, our home inspectors - the best home inspectors in Newcastle - offer you tips and tricks to make an informed real estate transaction. Read their articles and see why a pre-purchase inspection is an important step when it comes to buying a new home. Choosing a Legault-Dubois pre-purchase inspection means teaming up with the best building inspectors in Newcastle!


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