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Important steps before moving to a new home

When you change your home it is important to organize it in advance because it does not only mean taking care of what you have in your home and taking you to the new address. Around all this work there is a large number of steps that are recommended to undertake before making the move so that later there are no scares, unforeseen events, and above all, notifications with a surcharge that we did not have.

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The basis of this organization begins with having everything well aimed. Therefore, one of the materials that you will use the most to prepare your move will be the paper and pen with which you will shape that list of tasks.

In this inventory, one of the first things you have to decide is how and with whom to move. Moving home just got easier with moving companies. If you decide on this option, ask for your budget in several companies, and agree on the date that best suits you.

If you already know what your new home is like inside, evaluate its characteristics to know what items in your current home are adapted to the new available space. Some will work for you, but others will have to get rid of. If you want to sell them, you can advertise them in second-hand magazines, either physical or online, or take advantage of the large number of mobile applications that exist today to be able to make a profit for your used belongings.

There will be many things in your house that no longer serve you or are useful to you. It is the best time to stop accumulating unnecessary belongings, and many of them can also be given away or donated to charities.

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Address changes of basic household supplies

In your list of tasks, write down all the basic moving services and supplies in your home and call the relevant companies to request the change or to cancel them and hire a new one. Currently there are many companies that already issue telematics invoices so it will be a good time to stop receiving so many letters in your mailbox and start storing them online.

  • Water, electricity and electricity are three essential services that you need in your home. Agree with the respective companies the date of transfer of the supplies to the new destination.
  • Telephone and internet. If you do not change municipality or pricing area, you may be able to keep the same number you had before. Please confirm it with your company.
  • Insurance company. Contact your insurer to make the appropriate changes and have the new home insured.
  • Banks. Notify your banks of the change of address and also check the cards you have.
  • Subscriptions to magazines and other entities of which you are a member, you will also have to change their address or cancel them.
  • Gyms, sports or cultural activities. Possibly, if you move to another location, you will have to look for these services in your new destination, and therefore cancel the previous ones.
  • Post office. To ensure that nothing is lost, report your change of address to the post office that belongs to you.
  • Notify at work. If you are an employed person, you have a day off for moving. Check the conditions with the company because they may vary depending on the agreement to which they belong.
  • Schooling of children. If you have children, you will have to find a new center and enroll them.

For basic household supplies, you can also request that the latest bills be sent to you and that they disconnect the service if necessary. And be sure to save all your payment receipts to avoid later claims.

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These are many of the steps that you will have to carry out prior to your move, but they are not the only ones. There are also quite a few procedures with the public and private administrations that you will have to solve, and that you can consult in our previous blog article.

If you think we can add any more tasks, we are delighted that you tell us in the comments.

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