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With solar energy to greater savings

In an age of advanced technology, people are looking for ways to make greater savings of solar energy while protecting the environment as well as the planet Earth itself. Increasing efforts are being made to use inexhaustible sources of energy. The sun, as one of those sources, has enough energy to meet the needs of all of us. With so many sunny days all year round it is simply impossible not to think how much easier our lives would be with the use of solar energy.

It is true that solar systems require a large investment, but on the other hand you can see how much savings families have. That is why the demand for solar panels is increasing every year.

The benefits from the use of them are great, and for the way of their sale, for the interest of the buyers we received information from an employee in "MEGA", Kumanovo - a company that sells solar energy  thermal collector systems:

  1. You meet customers every day to whom you offer your products, so how much are people really interested in buying and installing solar collectors?

  • - In our showroom, the demand for solar panels is increasing every day. We have solar thermal collector systems that can vary in color and degree of transparency, depending on customer needs. Solar energy is renewable, so that is an additional reason why people install these collectors.

  1. What is the average savings with the use of solar energy  collectors?

  • - According to our calculations, but also data obtained from our satisfied customers, I can say that an average household saves as much as 10,000 denars per year. Given that the average lifespan of solar collectors is long, investing in them is definitely very profitable.

  1. How is the use of solar energy stimulated in the Republic of Macedonia?

  • - Our country is rich in sunny days. The government, aware of the importance of using solar energy for the country itself, has launched a project to offset some of the costs incurred in purchasing solar panels. It covers 30% of the amount paid for the collector, but not more than € 300 in MKD equivalent. The purpose of this project is stimulation for the use of solar energy  resources by the population.

After the conversation with the employee, we conducted a survey in the municipality of . Most of the respondents stated that they are satisfied with the use and functioning of the solar collectors. A small number said that they do not have it yet, because it is a big expense for them, and a few that they are not satisfied with the installation of collectors.

Given that a certain percentage of households are unable to afford to install a solar collector, advanced countries such as Germany and Japan are increasingly striving to reduce prices and create innovative products. 
Some of these products are: windows that produce solar energy, systems with parabolic mirrors, batteries for energy storage and others.

The world is striving for much higher goals. According to the obtained statistical data, a possible solution is seen for the fight against global warming, but also for the reduction of the emission of harmful gases.

From all this we came to the conclusion that thanks to the sun and human inventions in the future we will have greater savings, a healthier environment and thus a longer life.


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