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How to pack for a professional-style move?

In this article you will discover how to pack for a perfect move in Newcastle, without much work and with the speed and organization that any expert in the area has, moving will be a piece of cake if you start applying the following tips that we have compiled from our more than 10 years from experience.

At Best Removalists Newcastle we know that for clients moving to Newcastle is synonymous with a headache, you have to start by timing the day of the move according to the season, the weather, the flow of traffic, if you have everything you need to do it for Your own account or if you prefer to hire a moving company, which by the way are many and with different services, we have a special service for packaging, by the way.

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But let's start listing all the tips and advice that will help you make the move that you have been planning and that you did not even know where to start:

Recycling and donation

One of the first things you should do before really starting to move is to organize and select everything that you know that you no longer use or that is too old to continue using it, in this way you will be able to lighten the things that if you are going to pack for a successful move.

Gather packing materials

We know that you love this part because you can play with your inner child, order strong cardboard boxes in supermarkets or stores, buy packing tapes, thick-tipped markers, ziploc bags, colored labels, packing film, plastic wrap. bubbles, colored tissue paper, the notebook where you will write down everything, paper clips and stapler.

Tools needed

If you don't have the tools in your homes, take a walk around the hardware store and buy nail pliers, screwdrivers, plastic cable ties and more.

Pack by environments

One of the things that we 100% recommend in order to pack for a successful move is that the things that you are going to use and take with you during the move are done by room, that way, once you get to the new apartment, it will be easier locate and unpack everything.

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What goes in boxes and what can go in bags?

This part is very easy, all we can share about this is that you pack everything that is clothing, footwear and other accessories for daily use in bags and suitcases, the rest of the things can go in boxes. You cannot forget that personal documents and things that you intend to carry during the trip must go in a separate bag with you.

For those who have a library

In most of the removals in Newcastle our clients usually have a collection of books, large or small, from what we have been able to observe, it is always better to pack the books in small boxes, since when using large boxes, they will be too heavy and in the end they will tend to break.

Packing the dishes

Packing for a correct move is about having everything as well ordered and selected as the experts would do, when it comes to something as delicate as the dishes and dishes, what we do is prepare the boxes leaving a paper-based background or bubble wrap, creating a kind of "bed".

With the glasses, cups and mugs you must pack them individually and line the box where they will go with paper. Remember to put the heaviest on the bottom and the lighter on the top.

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Art objects, liquids and powders

All these objects must have a red label that indicates "fragile", you can place them vertically inside the box and cover them with bubble wrap and then with packaging film.

Consider that objects with powders and of little value are disposable, those containers with liquids such as detergents and perfumes should be wrapped in film and stored in bags. As for hardware materials that are liquid such as paints and others, they must be in boxes and with a label that indicates "toxicity".

Home appliances and electronics

To pack for a move with these objects the most you can do is leave them very clean and at hand, since these are part of the heaviest and most delicate in the move, it is better that you leave them in the hands of professionals, they will know how to handle them without causing any harm.

Take an inventory

Nothing better than writing down everything in the boxes and bags in a notebook, both the number of boxes in each room and the content of each one.

moving tips

Everything must have identification

Use the colored markers to mark the boxes once they are ready, by room and order number. You can write a brief description of what it contains and also mark if it is a box with fragile or toxic content.

If you apply these tips we assure you that packing for a move in Newcastle will not only be very easy but it will also be a lot of fun, if you need a moving service you can contact us by sending us a contact form. In Best Removalists Newcastle we are always at your service.


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